5:30 pm17:30


Meditation is not about reaching ecstatic states, but being mindful in the here & now.

Join us for a 2hr workshop Intro to Meditation & Mindfulness. We'll

practice & experience deep relaxation. With the right understanding we release stress

from the inside out allowing our mind and body to de-stress.

The workshop will offer:

- Introduction to meditation

- Difference between meditation & concentration

- How to start

- Techniques(breath, dropping in consciousness)

- meditation

- Final Relaxation

bring a pen and a pad for note taking.

2 hours $44

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to 25 Sep.

Yoga & Mindfulness for SCHOOL EDUCATORS - Term 3 - 10 week program- every Wed 4:15 pm starts 24.7

Mindfulness programs that involve the practice of yoga and meditation are increasingly more popular. These programs align well with social-emotional learning, health and physical education standards.

Yoga supports teachers in learning self-care techniques, and provides them with tools for engaging, focusing, relaxing, & energizing students in their classrooms.

Join this program for self love and care.

When you nourish yourself, you have more to give- $150 -10 weeks or $20 casual

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Exploring the YOGA CHAIR WORKSHOP with Rita
2:00 pm14:00

Exploring the YOGA CHAIR WORKSHOP with Rita

Do you think that ‘Chair Yoga’ is exclusively for the elderly? If so you are looking through a very narrow lens of opportunity. The humble chair is an excellent prop and like all other yoga props has a myriad of uses if you look a little deeper.

In this workshop we'll be exploring traditional yoga poses modified by a special backless Yoga Chair.

All Levels may attend this super fun play.

Saturday 6th April 2-4pm

Cost : $40 , bring a friend for $30


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Bolster Workshop
2:00 pm14:00

Bolster Workshop

Come and experience the many ways Yoga Bolsters can support our practice. Used extensively in the Therapeutic style of yoga we specialise in, Supportive and Restorative postures help us to correctly access and spend time in particular yoga poses for deeper benefits individually.

Kim has been stretching with a bolster daily for over 20 years and leads us through a full body deep tissue stretch and release that will leave you feeling open alive and super relaxed.

Bolsters are a significant aid in our classes, and a natural way to start or deepen a home practice to enjoy the  freedom of movement and release this brings! 

Come and find the poses you need to do and feel the benefits! 
All equipment supplied. 15 places maximum. $40


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Island Yoga
3:20 pm15:20

Island Yoga

Every Summer we journey to Penguin Island to enjoy a wonderful grounding outdoor yoga practice under the trees in this beautiful place. Special permission has been granted for our private session after visitors have left the island.

Come with us to experience the gorgeous energy of yoga in nature as we breathe connect and unwind with a fun and relaxing practice that allows us to explore yoga and just be.

Our practice is accompanied by the delightful tinkling of acoustic guitar weaving thru the sounds of nature. As we finish lie back and enjoy the latest songs and adventures of Dan White from Blue Child Collective just back from Australia Tour.

We conclude with a slow boat ride home thru the magnificent Shoalwater Marine Park at sunset.

Now in our 5th year this event is a favourite with newcomers and old friends. Don’t miss this wonderful evening.

Tickets thru https://www.penguinisland.com.au/islandyoga

We would love to see you!

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12:30 pm12:30


Set your 2019 intentions by the New Moon. Join Renae Andrew of Reiki with Renae Andrew and Rita McCabe of Safety Bay Yoga Centre for an afternoon of creativity, connection and community.

Be guided to develop your Sankalpa (Heartfelt Resolution) and turn it into a 12 by 12 inch vision board to have on display all year round, helping you to manifest the 2019 your heart desires.
Enjoy a gentle yoga practice, followed by a guided meditation, and bring your vision to life!

All participants are provided with a 12 inch piece of white cardstock to create their vision board. Please bring your own adhesives, pens, magazines, and tools to create and complete your vision board.

At any time stop to enjoy some delicious afternoon tea and chai.

We will close the afternoon with a sharing circle, short meditation and our favourite, a Yes Circle.

The energy exchange is $70.

Included in this workshop is:

🧘‍♀️ yoga practise,
🧘‍♂️ guided meditation,
🧘‍♀️ afternoon tea,
🧘‍♂️ a small gift,
🧘‍♀️ a sheet of cardstock,
🧘‍♂️ a tranquil space to be guided through the creation of your vision board.
BYO: Craft supplies for vision board.

Be sure to honour yourself in 2019 and join Renae and Rita to set your 2019 Intentions by the New Moon.

TO BOOK: Click on the date below. See you there!

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7:00 pm19:00



Join us for a chilled evening of relaxation and performance ...

Immerse yourself deeply in a beautiful guided meditation drifting on the tinkling resonance of acoustic guitar…

Professional muso Dan White from award winning Blue Child Collective takes us on a sound journey as we rest back supported in a gentle harmony of sound and breathing.

When we return… Enjoy an intimate House Style Performance by Dan and partner Emjay showcasing the heartwarming and uplifting songs that are winning them a following worldwide.

Don’t miss soaking up the warm glow of heart and community in our beautiful yoga studio on this very special night!

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